GM Captiva – Make your way

The 4×4 usually show up in spectacular landscapes, stunning mountains, dream lakes and challenging paths are what we usually find. Why? Because people love to imagine the incredible places that can be transported aboard a 4×4. In our launch piece of the Chevrolet Captiva we decided to take an alternative road, and let people really imagine that road.

We invite people to share a unique experience by sending them a pair of headsets in a simple box, and then transfer them to the microsite. There you could find that dreamed place, that path that has not yet been created. No photos of the vehicle. No beaches. No sunsets. Only a novel technique of recording never before used in this type of communications in 3d.

In this way, people could experience in their mind the beach, the countryside or the forest with which they always dreamed.

400 boxes were sent to people who had a 4 × 4 and were in a spare stage. 285 people visited the site, and 67% of them (190) went to a dealer to know the vehicle. The piece had a rate of return of 16.75%.